Saturday, July 09, 2005

Day Summary

To begin with, my family spent the night at the Richmonde Hotel. That would be somewhere near SM Megamall. It was good! The buffet was nice too... I enjoyed breakfast which I usually skip! Ehehe... The prices for the commodities were stunning! Fruit Juices (Del Monte Canned Fruit Juice) for P90? Massages for about 1 grand per hour? OMG... -_-

After a few hours, I left the hotel to go to UP. Hell yeah! My first time to actually watch UAAP! As an addition, I also got the chance to beat the living hell outta the bass drum! ^_^ And my arms are suffering the consequences... Oh, and did I say UP won in their first game against UST? Haha...

After all that, our squad ate out on A Veneto. Heck, I was full... And what they have there are mostly Italian delicacies... Pastas and the likes, I mean... Geez, I was able to return here at home at around 9:15 pm... Good night people... ^_^

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


My schedule for the sem has changed ever since I applied for the UP Pep Squad Drummers. Parang fully booked nga ako everyday eh. Medyo mahirap nga siya sa totoo lang... Grabe, nakakapagod... Haayy... What else should I say? Wala na muna siguro... Til next post...

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Kakagaling lang sa isang free concert for the freshmen sa UP. Ang daming banda na tumugtog... Grabe... Magagaling naman sila, kaso di gaanong suitable yung venue eh. UP Bahay ng Alumni yun. Medyo nakakairita kasi init na init kami. Siguro dahil na rin sa nagwawala ako... ^_~ pero kahit ganun, walang drinks na matino dun! Kaya nga ng mga bandang hulihan na eh matamlay na ako. Ang dami ring outsider. Nakakatakot kasi parang they're always up to no good. Good thing nakauwi naman ako in one piece. Ehehe...

Morning, guys... ^^

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Intensity 95 and RPC Finals

Yeah! Kinda late posting due to the PC breakdown... Oh, and did I tell you guys my dad got home just this Tuesday? Guess I haven't so there you go... Hahaha... Anyways, back to the topic.

Just this Friday, ESC held a program for us Engineering freshies. It was a free "concert". Well, we didn't snag the title of "Best Block" but who cares? I was sweating like crazy there... I was so hyper and I don't have an idea why. Weird, no? Hehehe... ^^

Today, I went to Pasay (World Trade Center) with Remus and Ian to watch the Finals of the RPC. The free concert was good! Kamikazee, Kjwan and Typecast were all good performers. I just got home around 9:30 pm and I still need to do our take home plate in ES 1. Hehehe... Night, guys...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Great! ^^

It was our department orientation today. I woke up early to accompany Maika to FEU. After that, I went to our orientation which took about 3 1/2 hours. I didn't eat breakfast today so I was a bit flustered when I saw how much food they're serving. Hehe... After that was our block picture taking. I left UP soon after that. I then went to FEU and I got the chance to meet an old acquaintance of mine. They held a practice over at his apartment. Eventually, we took our way out at around 5 pm. I then took the time to send Maika back home but just after we disembarked the jeep, all hell broke loose! It was raining like crazy so I had to stop over for a while. Seems like time slowed down! I had a fun time chatting with them and it was all good. I left at about past nine and I got home just before ten. Even though it was a bit tiring, it was all worth it! It was great spending my time over there... Hope history will repeat itself! ^^

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Freshie Week!

Today marks the start of the Freshie Week! Hope it'd be enjoyable for me as well as for my blockmates. There'd be tons of activities in store for us but we'd still be attending our classes. Too bad! Hehehe...

Yesterday, I went to FEU as usual. Looks like there's already someone aside from me who's interested with her. Kinda like a competition already! ^_^ Well, so much for that stuff... It's like a natural phenomenon, anyway... Who woudn't be attracted to her, right? It's something I've forecasted months before, so I better ready myself. ^_~ And besides, there's already an assurance for me...

Man, our printer's dry on ink. Guess my assignment in PE would have to wait... Wish I'm doing the right thing, or else... "Kakalas ang kaluluwa ko!" ^^

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Yay! Have no classes this day but have some activities at the campus. It was pretty interesting though. I got the chance to know some of my blockmates and they really are quite a handful! *laughs* I also bought the UP shorts I needed for my PE class. After that, I went to FEU then to CCSHS. Heck, we were creating such a ruckus that we can get booted out of campus for life! Hahaha... Anyway, I did accompany her back home and I got invited over. Wow... First time? *blushes*